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One-Week Language Courses in Turkey

Learn Turkish a new way!

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Two-Week Turkish Courses in Turkey

  • I offer Turkish language courses in İçmeler, a resort town, about 10 kilometres from Marmaris in Southwestern Turkey.
  • Classes are held in our garden in warm weather, and in my apartment during cooler temperatures.
  • Classes are from 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. (with a 15-minute tea or coffee break.)
  • Each course comprises 10 days of class (Monday through Friday during two weeks) with 30 hours of instruction in total (10 days x 3 hours per day).

Private lessons and small classes

My language courses are designed for those who are interested in an intensive yet friendly and relaxed learning experience. As languages are learned most efficiently when a learner has a chance to try out and practice the language extensively, participants can choose between private lessons and small classes. Especially when learning a more challenging language like Turkish, working at an individualized pace under the direction of a teacher may prove to be very helpful.

  • Please contact me via email, if you would like to set up a class with family, friends or colleagues (2-6 persons). Course dates will be arranged on an individual basis. This also applies to private lessons.
  • Please note that I may also be able to teach private lessons on the dates currently reserved for one-week special courses. Don't hesitate to ask about those dates, should they be suitable for you.
  • To find out about prices, click on Sign Up above.
  • There is wireless internet access on site.

Turkish Online

You can also learn Turkish online via Skype.
Please contact me for more information.

Language Levels

  • Beginners
    No or minimal Turkish
  • Intermediate 1
    You are able to speak about some practical things (about yourself and your family, your work and your immediate environment, shopping, etc.)
  • Intermediate 2
    You can handle, in Turkish, basic daily situations you may encounter while traveling in Turkey (e.g., in a hotel, at the bank, at the bus station); you are also able to participate in a conversation for a short period of time.
  • Advanced
    You are able to engage comfortably in conversations about various matters of daily life with a native speaker. You can express your personal opinion with some explanation. You are able to speak about more complex topics within limitations.

Course Materials

The language materials have been created specifically for my language courses. You will receive your own course copy on the first day of class. The cost of the course materials is 30 Euros.